Your Benefit

You are producing in an EU or EFTA Country and you have to put up with higher personnel costs, safety and environmental standards, taxes and more bureaucracy?

Your products are made with ingenuity, passion, creativity, maybe there is a very special history in your company?

Corporate responsibility is not a "CSR marketing gimmick" to you but a matter of course? Just like your responsibility upon your employees?

We think this should actually be known. We think this should actually be rewarded.

We are not the only ones who think like this and we are getting more.

According to recent surveys, one can assume that in Western Europe the origin of goods is crucial for a purchase for about 30 % of consumers.

Sales of Fair-trade products are rising rapidly for years, the number of consumers who frequently reach for regional or fairly produced products has more than doubled in the last 5 years. And about 40 % of customers are willing to pay more on Fair-trade products.

(More interesting facts can be found here)

The trend towards sustainability is irresistible. More and more people are questioning their previous consumer behavior and are looking for alternatives.

Present your company and your products on "You-" and let yourself be found. Expand your publicity together with us.

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Keep on producing in Europe and let us talk about it. It is our utmost concern and mission to bring you to your target- audience. Netz mit Seestern