Regional products

Regional and fair

Conscious shopping

You are looking for fairly and regionally produced masterpieces? With your shopping decisions you also like to express your appreciation towards the people involved in the production process and their environment?

Your believe that the value of a product also has got a lot to do with the circumstances of its creation?

Well then: welcome to You- Here you are right!

Fashion design from Austria

You may, of course, know that Austrian fashion designers cope with their artisanry at the highest level. And, not at least for this reason, they find wide international attention.
The Austrian fashion scene is alive as ever. The spectrum ranges from young, innovative design, on sportswear and outdoor fashion to classical masterpieces of timeless elegance.
For every occasion, for every taste. At best quality. Fair produced. At truly affordable prices.

Technology from Austria

Did you know that there are also "high tech" consumer products Made in Austria? A bold, innovative pioneer of Vorarlberg proves to be internationally successful as an Austrian manufacturer of hardware.
We are very proud on having this great pioneer on our site. And we hope very much that this example makes school.

Austrian brands

Finding local brands.. not so easy!

You probably may have also made the experience, that searching for local products requires a lots of stamina and spirits of research. And it is particularly hard, when you need something very quickly.
You probably very seldom have enough time for proper research.

In many shops, the origin of goods are treated very discrete. The internet doesn’s make it easier. World wide- what else?

It is hardly possible to get an overview on regional suppliers and their products on your own.
Even if you already have a concrete idea there is still one problem remaining: where do you get it?
Your regional product?

Austrian manufacturer brands

Our team team has made intensive research on Austrian producers, their products and distribution channels in recent years.

And we had the privilege to meet impressive personalities: Innovative designers and tailors, gifted handbag and shoe producers. From children’s fashion to haute couture and many more. Fair fashion as a principle.

And we would like to share this valuable information with you.
Because it would be a thousand pities, to keep this precious "insider information" to ourselves Dame mit Einkaufstaschen
To avoid misunderstandings: There are now a number of initiatives around the globe, which are engaged in protection of workers and environment. That is why we distance ourselves from boycotts against goods from certain countries. More information can be found here.